Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Top:Vince Camuto, Ring:Lou Lou Boutiques

          Hey Guys! Wanted to do more of a glam makeup look for this post. I even got up early to do this look (which never happens ha!). I hope you guys enjoy this look!! Would love to hear you thoughts!


Emma Diggins said...

beautiful! your skin is flawless
Emma x

Alexis Granados said...

Thanks Emma! Thats very sweet of you to say, I don't think my skin is flawless lol but I try to take care of it. Maybe I should do my skincare routine on here?


Deepti said...

You makeup looks beautiful and you have a great smile!

Check out my blog and follow if you like. :)

Deepti. x

Alexis Granados said...

Thanks Deepti!! Love the blog maybe we could follow eachother on bloglovin! Let me know :)


Alcamori said...

That makeup is gorgeous, you look beautiful.

Lovely blog

Alexis Granados said...

Thanks you Alcamori! Very sweet of you to say :)


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